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Your order will be filled within 24 hours of receipt. Please take the individual prices, minimum terms and notice periods from our current tariff overview. Tariffs can change at any time as a result of which the new price will appear in each case on the bill for the next billing period. The first reckoning will take place on the first of the following month. If you are uncertain about choosing the right tariff, please give us a call. As your domain name registrar, we will gladly put our knowledge at your service and even be pleased to reserve or register exotic domain names for you.

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    The registration of a domain name is binding since it cannot be reversed. For your security, one of our employees will get in touch with you in order to confirm your order. A refund of the fees or a cancellation are unfortunately not possible. Therefore, it is very important that you please give us a telephone number at which you can be reached personally.